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Friday, December 31, 2010

Farming Without Pain

I'm a 50+ year old woman who is not particularly strong and vertically challenged to boot. Arthritis and lower back pain are becoming chronic. Please join me as I look for ways to reduce the hard physical labor on this small farm, so I can continue farming into my 80s.
There are products on the market today that either reduce the work or are ergonomically designed to prevent strain. All manual labor can't be eliminated. Using these innovative products can, at least, prevent the painful aftermath. What are these products and where can they be found?
Of particular interest, to me, are small scale agricultural systems that reduce heavy work. Chicken tractors and pigs for tilling benefit the animal's natural inclinations to scratch and root. Their actions till and fertilize the soil, making less work for the farmer. Sheep grazing in the yard feeds them and eliminates  having to mow. Companion planting to enhance plants growth and protect against disease/bugs saves having to find an organic pesticide. Season extension in the garden gives fresh produce over a longer period and eliminates unnecessary canning and freezing.
Please share any experiences you've had. What worked well or didn't? How would you do it differently?

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